About Us Future Publishing Solutions (FPS) Ltd, is a new and innovative publishing and communications business with a ground-breaking vision for business-to-business media solutions. Our combination of editorial heritage, commercial excellence and a single view of content make us one of the most effective publishing companies in the UK. Our talented team of people comprises creative journalists, digital gurus, strategists, production experts, and professional salespeople. Print FPS IS A FAST-MOVING MULTIMEDIA CONTENT PRODUCER WITH A FOCUS ON QUALITY, INNOVATION AND EXCELLENCE
We here at FPS target markets where new technology or products create and drive a demand for specialist information. Our products are all aimed at core audiences of professionals who want high value information and opinion delivered in a high quality package. They are written by acknowledged and trusted experts in their field, who share our readers’ passion and allow them to enjoy and expand their working knowledge. The key behind the success of FPS is the synthesis of the various available media to disseminate information and provide platforms for companies to market themselves. The innovative use of print, electronic, and face-to-face networking opportunities is key to success in today’s industry. With two magazines and associated websites and electronic media vehicles launched already, FPS is set to augment its portfolio into numerous niches over the course of 2013 and 2014. Already at the vanguard of the publishing and communications revolution that has been underway for the past couple of years, FPS is set to become one of the most innovative and influential media and Communications Company in the UK and Europe.
Key To Our Success "WE BELIEVE IN PRINTED MEDIA" Our core brands are well-respected in their fields, each enjoying a loyal, passionate fan base. We never compromise the quality of its editorial or production values, and always engages with its customers. Due to the flat management structure and experienced senior publishing team, we are able to make quick decisions, which result in us being first into new and exciting markets with inspirational products. First mover advantage is often key to building customer loyalty and product longevity. Our quality content is repurposed on multiple platforms across many different formats to ensure maximum exposure and financial return on our valuable information. Whether on a website, printed magazine, smart phone, or tablet device, you will find our products. Our publishing team thrives on testing new editorial and design ideas, experimenting with innovative packaging, and exploring new ways of distributing its digital and print content worldwide. We don’t care what format our content is viewed on – printed page, tablet, smart phone and web page – as long as it is enjoyed, and its readers come back for more. That’s why we embrace digital publishing in all its forms, and why our entire portfolio is fully prepared for digital distribution.

Future Publlishing Solutions is comprised of Future Publishing Solutions Ltd.


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